Permutations with Divisibility

Problem Statement:

Suppose you have n integers from 1 through n.
A permutation of those n integers is considered a Divisible Permutation if for every i, where 1 <= i <= n, either of the following is true:
  • perm[i] is divisible by i.
  • i is divisible by perm[i].

Given an integer n, find the total number of the valid Divisible Permutations.

Example 1:
Input: n = 2
Output: 2
The first Divisible Permutation is [1,2]:
  • permutation[1] = 1 is divisible by i = 1
  • permutation[2] = 2 is divisible by i = 2

The second Divisible Permutation is [2,1]:
  • permutation[1] = 2 is divisible by i = 1
  • i = 2 is divisible by permutation[2] = 1


  • NOTE: I highly recommend going through the Backtracking chapters in the order they are given in the Index page to get the most out of it and be able to build a rock-solid understanding.



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